For this project, we wanted to create an app that would reduce mortality rates in Bengali pregnancies by closing the gap between local community workers and pregnant women.

What it does

Our app allows for women to provide live updates as to how they are feeling regarding their pregnancy, through an SMS-based system. They can either send their updates using Bengali sentences or emojis for those who cannot read or write. The app also allows for women to ask questions and seek advice to help resolve their immediate problems. At the same time, Twilio will store personalized data into a database, which can be accessed by a local community worker. With this information, the worker will be able to monitor his or her patients and attend to high-risk pregnancies. This will ultimately, help workers close the distance gaps by attending to patients who need immediate care.

How I built it

Our goal was to use Twilio API as well as Google Prototype to build our program. Unfortunately, both our back-end and front-end developers had to part, thus resulting in only one designer and a tech student. We decided to instead use a prototyping web app called InvisionApp which is commonly used for User Experience Design.

Challenges I ran into

With only one designer, and no developers we were not able to implement any code. We were also unable to design for all functionalities due to lack of human resources and time. In total we were able to implement:

  • Landing Page
  • Patients Page
    • 'all' and 'trimester 1' allow you to filter through the page
  • Add Patients Page
    • Choosing A Pregnancy Term on the Patients Page (dropdown menu)
  • Calendar Page
  • Past Updates: Can be accessed by clicking number "9" on the Calendar.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our group is proud of the user experience design we were able to implement. We made sure to keep the design simple and to use globally known icons.

What I learned

We learned more about developing user experience design targeted towards people with little to no internet connectivity. It was enlighting to create a product for someone in an entirely different socio-economic situation, as it forced us to think about things restricting them from accessing broadband networks and more importantly, health care for pregnant women.

What's next for Birth Right

Next, Birth Right will work towards creating a more developed product that can be used in several developing countries.

Built With

  • invisionapp
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