women's health and women empowerment!

What it does

women's health is an issue that faces almost everyone in this room. it's important for us to easily access the resources that are available to us, but that sometimes gets difficult with the social stigma arising from talking about these issues and the lack of information about where to go.

birthcontrolbot is a sms messaging bot for people to obtain information about birth control options near them. users can discreetly find out which options most cohere with their choices and bodies, as well as receive addresses of nearby locations to obtain birth control without needing a smartphone or accessing the internet.

our main features: 1) accessible - because it is on sms, people without smart phones (young people, low-income communities, etc.) are able to access this anytime, anywhere 2) discreet - because it isn't an app, people who aren't necessarily open about this (i.e. young girls with more conservative families, etc.) are able to keep their search for these resources as discrete as they want 3) easy - a fast and easy service, with minimal extra work. send us a message and we'll take care of you!

How we built it

we used flask, twilio api, and python for the backend and html and css for the landing page

Challenges we ran into

getting flask and twilio to start so that we can connect to the messaging features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we got it to work! and we scraped a website to find locations of different birth control resources in america!

What we learned

flask, twilio api, syntaxes for python, how to scrape location data

What's next for Birth Control Bot

1) transportation services - implement a fast way to give users access to transportation to these birth control centers using public transportation 2) more information - providing more information about STDs, and sexual health in general so that users can ask questions about women's health and the bot can respond with appropriate information or direct them to doctors if necessary 3) bring it to a wider market! the big thing about birth control bot is making it accessible to developing communities. we tested this out in america first, but this definitely should be accessible to far-flung areas and developing countries where birth control methods aren't as rampant and smart phones are scarce. hopefully this can develop into some sort of delivery system as well so that those in far locations can receive the proper resources for their birth control needs 4) get funding for a twilio account!

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