We noticed that in several groups, people asked if there was a way to be notified for specific selling. Also, we saw this kind of tool in other projects, and we thought that Kanaria had to have its own BOTs.

What it does

The BOTs takes live events from Kanaria and Singular to track LIST and BUY. You can set it by an easy menu to generate customized feeds.

We have improved the experience by dividing the output into separate channels. In this way, it's possible to personalize your feed and keep it more organized. We developed this BOTs for Telegram and Discord.

How we built it

We use Polkadot js API, Node js, Telegraf js

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we faced: – find ways to capture real-time events – create a message with the remark that we found on the blocks – send our data message while following Telegram’s strict rules – make the delivery of the BOTs message fast – create a functional menu

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to create a complete tool that the hungriest collector can use to grow their collections, invest and be up-to-date. Also, it was important to us to build a script easy to fork and customize.

What we learned

We are so proud to have learned how to use Polkadot js API and how to interact with Polkadot/Kusama blockchain. We’ve learned a lot about the specifics of the RMRK protocol. And of course, we’ve learned how to build a BOT with functionalities.

What's next for Bird Watching Bot

We will like to enrich Kanaria's message with more features of the birds and items’ specifications. Keep the Singular BOT updated for Remark 2.0.0. Also, we would love to add more features after receiving some feedback from the community.

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