In the experience driven app Birdwatching you will be able to relax and take your time to enjoy this virtual-reality. The design of this app resolves around the two main concepts we want to incorporate into it. We want to create a Virtual-Reality experience you like to revisit, where one can dwell for a while and we want you to do so by playing the app in a new and comforting way, lying down. Using the Gear VR with your head resting on a pillow will not put much strain on your neck making it a ideal application for a longer and more relaxed play style or you can simply rest in-between sessions of other applications. On Top of that, lying down not only gives you an new perspective on things (quite literally) it also emphasizes the fact that the gear needs no cables connected which compliments its free and lightweight design in contrast to the rift.

In the app itself the user will be placed under trees which reside on a field. Because the application will be played lying down the user will be looking up, seeing the branches of the trees. On these one will find various birds nesting, going after their birdly business. You can look around in your birdwatching position and discover, observe and relax.

To make further use of the Gear VR and to enrich the experience the user can learn something about the birds he or she is seeing by focusing on them and then pressing the touchpad on the side of the gear. This will give the player a hanging window besides the selected bird in which various information is presented. So while looking around, enjoying the scene you may even learn something along.

Birdwatching: A simple application with a different taste to it you can choose from your selection of virtual-realities.

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