We would like to begin by acknowledging that our land has a deep history. We take time for "land acknowledgement" statements at many events. What would it take to learn what these really means? We were inspired by our lack of understanding of the First Nations tribes and the land acknowledgement statements we repeatedly hear. Despite often hearing these statements, we acknowledged little understanding of the First Nations Tribes of Canada.

What it does

Our application makes this vital information accessible in a fun, interactive, and non-intrusive way. It is inclusive to the First Nations peoples and their history, and allows people to learn about their traditions and history in our city. Our app celebrates the diversity and culture that they bring to our current landscape.

Birds'eye uses location data and push notifications to alert a user when they are within a given distance of a historical landmark or area, as well as information about the landmark and the First Nations peoples.

How We built it

  • Android Studio - Kotlin
  • Google Maps API

Challenges We ran into

  • Kotlin; none of us had used it

Accomplishments that We're Proud of

  • Good looking app

What We learned

  • Use Java since people already knew it

What's next for Birds'eye

  • better distance calculation

Built With

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