Transitioning from living in one city to another can always be jarring change. Although the novelty can be exhilarating, taking flight and seeking out a new social support system may prove to be a daunting task. Yet, no matter the people we hold close in our lives, from those we’ve known our entire lives to the lab partner we met just a few weeks ago, having those people in our community means the same: ensuring that we feel connected, safe, and taken care of.

We wanted to make that process of building and maintaining community easier. Especially in a major metropolitan city like Austin, safety can be of paramount concern. Whether they walk, scooter, or rideshare, our final salutation in seeing people off is wishing them safe travels. Even after departing the nest, Birdie lets you and your loved ones know that those in your community have made it to their destination safely.

What is Does

Our app allows users to send/share a history of their location data to those within their community. The sender presses a button to start their trip, sending friends/family a notification. From there, receivers can view the person’s trip by viewing the path they followed on a map. Afterwards, the sender presses a button to end the trip they scheduled, allowing others to know they arrived safely.

What Makes it Different?

Other location trackers only provide a live view of where people are. Although this is useful, allowing others to be notified of when you take a trip allows for a practical experience. For instance, you can send your location on FaceBook messenger, but this can get lost in the messages. Apps like Strava may be able to track paths you take, but are primarily geared towards running and exercise without having features dedicated to safety. We wanted an elegant app dedicated for safety that allows for convenient, practical sharing of location.

How we Built it

We created our app in Android App Studio, using Google Firebase as a server to store and transmit location data. We also utilized Google Maps API in order to create a live tracking experience.

Challenges we Ran Into

Merging all files together, debugging


Using FireBase to store and transmit data, and creating a smooth interface with Google Maps API

What We Learned

Lots about mobile app development and data transmission with servers!

What’s Next?

Account registration, history of tracked paths, integrating FaceBook API to better connect with community and import friends lists

Built with

Built in Java with Android App Studio, Google Maps API, Google FireBase

Video Links

Birdie Demo: Birdie Demo 2:

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