Here´s our Build for Android!

BIRDFREE! is a First-Person Single Player Game.

Target Platform:

Mobile with Oculus (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Samsung Gear (VR)


3D Action-Adventure, Journey & Art Game


Search & Find! … a way out! Find the feathers!


The Main level is naturally based, surrealistic, fluorescent, mystical and colorful.


The game mainly focuses on exploring. A humanoid rider named NAME & her budgie Gnocchi discover a totally bizarre place. Together they fly, climb and run, always looking for the right Item, Power-up or Archivement to find a way out. You will find yourself surrounded by other inhabitants, life forms and puzzle events. Try to find out how they can help you on your journey to get out of there. The second part of our game is the String Art Fly Tunnel System where you and your budgie have to avoid obstacles and prove your reactions.

Used Technology:

Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Cloud, Qixel Suite, Speedtree, Cubase, Logic, Zbrush, Oculus DK2.


The GUI is implemented into the Riders seat.


Every gamepad with shoulder buttons. Keyboard & mouse.
VR Swipe


The Player has to find feathers. Some objects and inhabitants are combined with puzzle Events. You can identify puzzle event objects by a light glowing effect around them. Also we have integrated an Infrared like Camera Effect to make all feathers and interactables visible for a short amount of time. You can activate it by swiping over the touchscreen of your tablet/phone, but you are not enabled to do this from the beginning, it is also combined with a puzzle Event.


Our UI is integrated into the Game itself, for example, a compass on the Players Saddle.

Immersive Controll Methods:
You are a rider on a budgie, that makes it possible to fly in every direction you want and look to the other direction at same time. You can activate your Infrared Camere by swiping over the Touch pad of the VR Gear.

2 Weeks before the jam has begun we have pitched some of our ideas to ourselfes and we decided to do do a journey game with a budgie. On first day of the jam we started concepting the first impressions und ideas. We worked as fast as possible and where able to present the first prototype of BIRDFREE! on Milestone 1. Now the prototype has evolved into a playable game with an amazing immersive feeling and headspinning heights.

We are designing our game with the Unreal Engine 4, because of the Blueprints, the visual scripting language included. This empowered our artists to participate in the gameplay design, events and mechanics.

Everything in our game was done within this 4 Weeks and everything is selfmade by us!

Have fun following our footage and don't miss the upcoming pre release of BIRDFREE!

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