Why Bird Recognition?

Birdwatchers must carry around heavy, expensive books and equipment when on the search, and identifying the smallest differences between bird species makes this hobby very frustrating at times. Having some way to alleviate some of this can not only be better for birdwatchers, but can also be expanded to educational tools for anyone through quick photo image recognition via machine learning.

What is it?

Birddex is an iOS application that opens to a camera view. Hold the button down for 3 or more seconds and information about the bird species will pop up.

How it Was Made.

Birddex was coded in Swift and contains machine learning models trained through Microsoft's Custom-Vision API.

Difficulties Along the Way.

No one on this team knew Swift prior to this Hackathon, so learning the language was quite a challenge for us.


We have a functioning application that can be updated easily.

What we learned.

We learned Swift programming and iOS app development.

What's next for Birddex?

  • Map system to track where you saw birds previously.
  • History of what you found.
  • Expanded machine learning model to allow for more than just bird species/birds in general.

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