Bird Box Challenge

Help Truck-kun avoid Bird Boxes on the road!
And just like in the movie Bird Box, sometimes you can't see them coming... literally!


Bird Box Challenge is a game that introduces gamification to typical physiotherapy, making it fun for patients.
This is made possible by attaching a tracking hardware (for orientation and accelerations) to affected limbs. However for this project, a mobile phone using the Sensor UDP app was used in place of an accelerometer.

How we built it

  • Languages

  • Frameworks and Libraries

Challenges we ran into

It was tedious trying to set up a UDP socket and transmitting phone orientation data through, as the game runs much slower than it can process the packets that clog up and delay the readings. Fortunately, we managed to find an alternative setup and focused more on the implementation and calibration of the orientation readings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a suitable game with external hardware sensors that is suitable for physiotherapy patients to enjoy.

What we learned

Coding in Python, the wonders of PyGame, external hardware sensors, as well as the amount of food and goodies provided in Hack n' Roll 2019.

What's next for Bird Box Challenge

Different difficulties and extensions of the game can be further added to cater to the needs of physiotherapy patients with varying conditions and severities.
This small project aims to become a Proof of Concept for future gamification ideas such as this!


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