Bird Box is a 2-D game inspired by Crush the Castle and COVID19. It is a combination of fun gameplay with comical style.

What it does

Multicoloured aliens follow a shooting path to destroy the bricks in order to save their mates which are trapped inside the brick box. This situation was inspired by COVID19 since the outbreak of the virus has created havoc in the world, humans need to rescue their mates from being trapped from the virus!

How we built it

The language used: Lua Software used: Love2D Editor used: Sublime text 3 Resources used (images etc.): Internet

Challenges we ran into

Since Lua language resources are not widely available, we had limited resource to correct our errors. Being a beginner in Lua language also raised our challenges per se.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first try at gaming and completing the project Bird Box with perfect execution is itself an achievement that we are proud of!

What we learned

We learned a lot while developing Bird Box like solving errors efficiently. Now we are confident enough that next time when we come across such issues we can get it right in no time.

What's next for Bird Box

We have plans to upgrade more aliens in the brick box and also introduce some enemies which will block the aliens from rescuing their mates.

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