Bored of walking around in two dimensions? Do what the Wright brothers and Leonardo Da Vinci always wanted to do: Fly! Take a bird's eye view of the world and flap to the skies!

We've always wanted to be able to fly, developing this project in VR sounded like just the perfect way to break free from our grounded bodies. This experience is great for getting some arm exercise and freeing your mind in open space.

What it does

Bird allows you to be a bird. Flap your wings to fly up, and try different orientations to soar in the sky as you wish! Divebombing is optional but highly recommended.



How we built it

We built the scenery and objects in Unity and wrote scripts in C# for the HTC Vive.

Motion control logic took a lot of testing on the HTC Vive.

Designing the UI and UX involved making a menu and placing user-friendly wings and bird bodies into the experience.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the motion control intuitive was pretty challenging. Formalizing the controls to register a unified flying experience was our main challenge.

As we are all first time hackers on Unity and XR, working with the visuals and 3D world was quite a new experience!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing a relatively immersive experience for flying.

What we learned

Refreshing Unity can do miracles. Refreshing Unity 4 times can do more miracles. HTC Vives are hard to setup, but Steam will always be the reason why I don't have money for food.

What's next for Bird

Make flying even more intuitive: Tracking camera rotation and movement to make the entire bird feel like a singly unit.

Incorporate Google 3D maps to fly over cities and campuses!

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