Currently, in our country, we are becoming increasingly polarized. According to Pew Research: "50% of liberals listen only to typically 'left' media sources, while 47% of conservatives only consume political media from Fox." This lack of diversity in our media diets is the primary culprit for the polarization, which is rampant throughout the country. To solve this issue, we created BiParse: a simple to use political bias chrome extension.

What it does

Using a neural net, BiParse calculates the probability that your source is politically biased. It then recommends other news articles which will broaden the user's perspective.

How we built it

Two people worked on the front-end, which included all of the design, and the other to worked on the back-end implementation of the CNN (convolutional Neural Network) among other responsibilities such as web scraping similar articles. In the process, we learned or strengthened our HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript abilities.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the separate languages was challenging to achieve and vital to our project's success. This connection was especially important when joining the chrome extension(javascript, HTML, CSS) and our neural network(python). Additionally, since we are relatively new to the field of Artificial Intelligence, we chose a network architecture (bag of words and CNN), which it turns out is not optimal. If we were to do it over again, we would try to implement an LSTM which would provide some improvement in classification.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first hackathon of three of our four team members which caused some initial difficulty getting started, but we quickly came up with an idea and plan (even though it was severely altered later on). We are proud that the extension looks great and extremely professional.

What we learned

HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and how to create an ML algorithm.

What's next for BiParse

In the future, we plan to organize suggested articles by a political party. We also plan to make proper icons at the bottom that link to Pacific news websites. We also plan to make customizable settings to change the color scheme for Pacific users and also make logins that can keep track of the user's data so that they can monitor their biases.

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