This project was inspired by the ongoing effort in the crypto community to build a simple yet safe wallet.

What it does

While based on an already well-established opensource "BlueWallet" , BioWallet statement is to add another security layer that will prevent worms, viruses, and malware to extract coins from the wallet.

How I built it

This project is built with, ReactJS, React-Native, Nodejs, and Typescript.

Challenges I ran into

There were major issues with integrating the React-Native SDK into the project, As it seems, like the version on Github is not aligned with the latest version of RN (0.63). To fix this, I had run another SDK (typingDNA-javascript) recorder inside the WebView and to build my own communication layer from the native part to the code running in the webview and vice versa

What's next for BioWallet

The project will be released on GitHub and Reddit to the crypto community, with a hope that more wallet vendors will pick the idea up, and either contribute code or implement a similar approach in their wallets

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