Between many reasons, searching has been done from our perception about the necessity of a higher control and standardization of wildlife’s register for breeding and commercialization. In an ideal world, the animals should stay living in their natural environment, however this is not the reality. In this way, we aimed to at least standardize and track the animals’ origin, in order to identify easily those ones illegally removed from nature and impute on criminals the correctly punishment.

What it does

BioUp is a platform that unify and standardize the control of the breeding and cultivation of wildlife, at the same time that it intends to facilitate access and consultation to information on such practices. Using Blockchain-based technology, from the app it is possible to track and verify a license number, and thus have access to a series of information such as animal species, sex, approximate age, breeder of origin, invoice, identification of the owner among others. In this way, field agents from IBAMA and the Polícia Rodoviária Federal will have easier access to information to help them discover and inhibit fraud and wildlife trafficking.

How we built it

Development using C # Xamarin (Android and iOS), Google Map Xamarin, SQLLite (Store Local). BioUp API application in .NET Core 3.1 with SQL database and Azure Cloud, for tracking the washers was developed using the Azure Hyperleger Fabric solution

Challenges we ran into

We can affirm that our major challenge was found reliable information, because sometimes the data looks so unreal and cruel that was hard to believe it. With mentoring advice, we could find (and believe) the information. And with that, we realize that for front line in combating trafficking in wild animals, the standardization and facilitation to access the data is very important for field agents.

What we learned

First, we learned that consciousness must be more cultivated and effective. We learned about the necessity of combating trafficking of animals and plants, because the reality about it is completely out of the way that we believed it was. This project also shows us that sometimes dedication and some effort can make big changes, even with short steps.

What's next for BioUp

Since the beginning we imagine a platform with much more options than the final version here presented. Some of them shows to be impracticable, others are possible and can be implemented in the project over time. We aimed to standardize the wild animals control and to connect all the data bases in the platform, for the purpose to facilitate the search for field agents. Moreover, we intend to propose some alterations in the materials of identification, targeting minimize the washer`s fraud.

More Information

To see more information and details about our project please access our page on GitHub, link in “Try it out” section.

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