Working closely with Institut pasteur make me realise the amout of energy they bring to acheive virus analysis and screening and the huge amount of ressources to mobilize to face epidemic and pandemic context. being my self a embedded software engineer make me imagine a complete solution starting from the diagnostic mobile device to the cloud IoT solution where data can be processed to help these professional better make their decisions.

What it does

the Solution has three components : Diagnostic Mobile Device : an embeeded handheld system connceted to the internet (via mobile phone or PC) this component is responsable mesuring and collecting data from electrode to inform if a virus is detected. IoT platform : Web application where we can see information about the tests performed AI powered analystics solution : capable of processing the data sent by the diagnostics tools but also able to combine multiple datasets to predict the virus spread and the amout of the ressources to be allocated.

How I built it

Currently we are on the prototype level of the project we already create an end to end architecture with some demos. Solution is still under developpement.

Challenges I ran into

** Diagnotics Device** : deal with biological aspect if the project for fidelity aspect.

the other component are under constrcution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we create a demo by connecting the Embedded Device to a Lora network connected to AWS IoT platform with data visualisation.

What I learned

A lot about the biotechnology and that i have no technological barrier to acheive the hole solution.

What's next for BIOTRACK

  • Complete the dashboard.
  • enhance the AWS cloud formation for security and Demonstration purpose

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