This application has been created in solution to the changing situation and education system in India, that prompted us to recognize, scrutinize, and provide a platform for many millennials where technology and education intersect, and where this application, developed intended for children, enhances communication with animals around their own environments.

What it does

It offers a framework for children that utilizes Augmented Reality to allow them to interact, foster an atmosphere of animals around them, and learn for them while remaining safe from the pandemic. They can experience the flora and fauna while discovering during play.

How we built it

This application was created using the Unity platform and Augmented Reality technology. Physically, this was designed by comprehending the viewpoint of parents who really want their children to learn in a safe environment. This platform, BIOTA, was built with that market, interest, and demand in mind.

Challenges we ran into

We overcame some technical and physical barriers, including such errors, platform, and test limitations. Additional challenge we faced was persuading parents to explain the features and functionality of this technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Presenting technology to a chosen group of individuals, along with completion of the project on time without any error, made us proud.

What we learned

Team and time management, evaluating, regular regards to the age for a reason, maintaining our skills to complete the project, working in a great competition using innovative ideas

What's next for BIOTA

Make this technical capability accessible in the present learning system and take it to the next level by making education highly interactive, innovative, and fascinating for users, encouraging students to see learning like a wonderful experience. We want to establish an environment for children in which they must understand rather than remember concepts. We provide a platform allowing children to share their knowledge, Express their concepts, Explore and Enhance them.

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