The inspiration for bioselection was a lot of current games that include the concept of evolving and playing on their own like spore.

What it does

Bioselection gives the user an array of stats to choose, once chosen, it runs a simulation where sprites move around and decide (based on the stats) weather they should fight other sprites or get food to maintain survivability. The last type of sprite to survive gets its stats passed on to the next generation of testing, to measure consistency

How I built it

Bioselection was build using html/css/js, while making use of the Phaser.js game engine

Challenges I ran into

Creating an algorithm to decide how intelligent each sprites movement is.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Modifying sprites behaviour based on preset stats (higher strength, will go fight more sprites)

What I learned

Game development for web apps (phaser.js engine)

What's next for BioSelection

More features potentially

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