Our Inspiration was to create something that could help a lot of people. When we were just thinking of some topics, we landed on environmental problems. And then we taught about what are some topics that are really big but not a lot of people care about and we taught about the ocean. That is how we landed on this project idea.

What it does

It is a project we created to spread awareness about ocean pollution and how it might impact us in the future, how should we take action, spreading awareness through volunteering and social media posts. We also created a discord bot that will chat with you about the ocean and it’s facts.

How we built it

We built the website using, HTML, CSS, and bootstrap 5. We built the robot models using tinkered and Echo3D Finally, we built the discord bot using, Ocean Facts API, python, uptime but, and discord.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges in the process of finishing this project, first, we created this project with only two people because our other teammates weren’t able to attend the hackathon. Second, we didn’t know how to build a discord bot or use an API. Third, we had no idea how to use Echo3D for our finishing touch for the model. Fourth, it was hard to manage to put everything we were taught to put initially about the project to put into the actual product. But still, it turned out great!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of our teamwork, learning a lot of new things as we are going, managing our time to build this project, and finally, it was hard to do this project with just two people so it was an accomplishment we are proud of.

What we learned

We learned how to create a Discord Bot and host it live on a chatroom. None of us had used OpenAI’s GPT-3 before so we had to learn its implementation. We also learned how to use TinkerCAD and display our model on Echo3D’s Cloud

What's next for Bioral

Bioral hopes to achieve funding to construct the Robot model in an Innovation Lab. Furthermore, we would find a community of people to test it out and provide input on any changes we could make. Next, we would implement more features on the Discord Bot including an API to recognize pictures. For example, the Discord Bot could identify a species of coral. Finally, we could implement an API on our site to help users locate volunteering opportunities near their homes.

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