I am a researcher in environmental and agricultural sciences and I have been doing more than one chemical research and I have been working on a number of researches when reading a research on the possibility of manufacturing plastic in a simple and simple laboratory from natural sources found in the environment This was the beginning of my experiments to manufacture bioplastics from leftovers such as rice residues and fruit peels such as bananas and oranges, potato peel, palm leaf and coffee. And the ability of bioplastic manufactured from agricultural residues to withstand high weights and provide great efficiency and at the same time the speed of decomposition in the soil within 45 days in some species and this is a big revolution will rid the environment of a giant number of harmful plastic that does not degrade in the environment and It affects humans, animals and biology of many species of life.

What it does

Organic waste is a wasted treasure that must be exploited and therefore we are working on the establishment of a smart phone application that enables us to collect organic waste so that we can manufacture for bioplastics and to collect harmful plastic waste to be sent to recycling

How we built it

Android application works on Lollipop version

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I work on patenting molecular biology and I love environmental conservation and charity work

What we learned

How can it be transformed from wasted resources into giant energy that helps save many lives

What's next for Bioplastic

We hope we can expand our solution deployment

Built With

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