I was a paramedic for over 10 years and hated the way patients were transferred from the field to the hospital. It always was tedious and a burden for everyone involved, especially the patient. Myself and a developer that was also a paramedic created our app, Biophone. Biophone allows EMS to send images and video from the field to the hospital in an encrypted fashion. This way the hospital can prepare really well for the incoming patient.

What it does

Biophone is a free app for EMS to use. Capture images and video of findings to send to the hospital to be seen on an iPad. The hospital can use it for anything from clinical information and even registration purposes. Biophone can send anything from an EKG to a drivers license to the patient can be preregistered PTA. That component alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to a hospital.

How I built it

First we built a non-HIPAA compliant prototype to vet through a local hospital organization. Once the hospital execs showed support enough to build the real thing we began. We built the product during our nights and weekends while working as paramedics full time.

Challenges I ran into

HIPAA compliance requires the product to have many additional features to track users and increased security to keep patient information safe. This portion alone took several months, but has proven with a secure product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Taking a massive problem I faced as a paramedic, and created not only a solution, but a better way to perform the job.

What I learned

I learned about technology used to build applications and the safeguards put in place by HHS in regards to HIPAA. Also how difficult it is to sell to hospitals.

What's next for Biophone

To increase the amount of use with the images and field data, we will be building an agency client. Agencies can use the data for billing as well as increased QA/QI. Once we have Biophone in several hospitals, we will begin creating a charting program and potentially several medical devices along with the software.

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