BionicHealthERP (Prototype)


BionicHealthERP is a web based Open Source Entreprise Resource planning systems that accomodates Health-care managament data information on heath-care activities for government and all Health Organizations.


Users of the system

BionicHealthERP accomodates.

  • Unlimited Health-care Centers
  • Unlimited Health Insurance Scheme
  • General End Users

Purpose of the Solution

  • BionicHealthERP's main purpose is to create a huge dataset that is satisfactory enough for detailed data documentation within the community, state and country by building the platform for most health activities in the sector.
  • Tracking health facilities to assist prompt and supervisory activities in the sector.
  • Drug inventory analysis in the country and prompt search for drugs available in the country by end-users.
  • A system that not only provides platforms for the health sector but also for details system reporting and accessability to the ministry of health/ Health Schemes, keeping an up-to-date information management system that captures the estimated number of patients to health facilities.
  • The Insurance Scheme can coordinate enrollees on its platform, to monitor the insurance services pertaining to health.
  • The system addresses the absenteeism of staff from workstations in the Health sectors.
  • Event meeting setup any where in the country by either the healthcare sector or government.

BionicHealthERP (Dependencies)

The system depends solely on the Grid-Nigeria api as it has over 44,000 health-care centers which can first be used as an avenue for system validation and verification on the health-care account made on the system.


The option value was pulled from

If the hospital is unavailable, other method would be used to add the health-care center not available to the api but after a thorough check has been done to worth been in the data

BionicHealthERP (Expansaion)

The system has the ability to provide 104 datasets which can be rendered back to the at the moment of each platform request to create a wharehouse for adequate and available data resource

System Updates & Upgrades

Taking BionicHealthERP systems as a full-time activity, we monitor to provide stress-free system to the end-user as upgrades and updates are made by developers. You are just to provide data to the system and the developers would carry out the rest activities. The BionicHealthERP has a good coding condition and is well sustainable and managable for all end-user parties.

BionicHealthERP Components & Functionalities

Bionic Health ERP is made up of major health Organizations

Health-care Centers

  • Authentication for the Health-Care
  • Payroll Management system
  • Patients and Health-care services records
  • Staff Records and Employent details
  • Staff Attendance Information
  • Health Drugs Disensary analysis
  • Drug Inventory Availablilty and purchase in the country
  • Health-Care Service (Accomodates all hospital services)
  • Health Facilities Accomodation
  • Roles and Priviledges for the Health-Care/ NHIS/ Health Ministries
  • Health events Notification
  • Blood Bank Resource
  • Health Care Inventory (Drugs etc)

N|Solid Doctor's Profile

N|Solid Patient's Profile

Health Insurance Schemes/ Health Ministries

  • Health care Analysis
  • Vaccine Tracking
  • Dispensary Analysis
  • Health Management Organization control
  • Funds allocations
  • Foreign aid allocation analysis
  • Licences actions
  • Manage all Medical Practicionals in the country
  • Manage All Health-Care Centers in the country
  • Create and Manage all Health Events
  • Broadcast notification to centers and departments necessary
  • Analyse and manage all health-care services provided by all health care centers


Health Insurance Schemes/ Health Ministries

General End users

  • Drug Order and Delivery
  • Medical location and emergency outsource
  • USSD on medical Services operation

Existing Systems

There are a couple of system which have been available for a while in the technology industry both home and abroad. But what would make the BionicHealthERP stand out are as follows:

1. Open source platform: Most applications are paid for and are made available for health organizations to remit monthly or daily funds. BionicHealthERP is here to make all these open-source providing cheaper activities.

2. Open Chain Data for investment: Even as most concentration has been given to the fintech organization, its attention is just because of the fact that they made profit, but an provide open data chain is made visible to investors to leverage in the Nigerian market. It is reported in The Nigerian Startup Funding Report that:


investments made in the third quarter of 2018, Nigerian Startups got $34,710,957 (Thirty Four Million, Seven Hundred and Ten Thousand, Nine hundred and Fifty- Seven Million Dollars) which was less than the 2nd quarter and 60% fundings was handed over to the fintech industry. The Health startup featured 4 startups in that quarter of which one got seed-funding while others got grants.


The ability to provide an open chain of data structures to investors would create opportunities for investments. Also startups can build platform ideas that would create more convincing power and wide range fundings which can in double fold exceed the fintech industry especially when it comes to handling the matters of health and life. BionicHealthERP will provide it all.

3. More Updates to flexible solutions: Most existing systems despite robust are unable to solve most specific problem of individual organization maybe due to data structure implementation. BionicHealthERP is flexible enough to run system in a polymorphic structure as the organization fits accomodating limitless services.

Challenges we ran into

Building a data-set system is a huge one and the challenge was trying to structure the system to our propose features avoiding data collation and polymorphic request issues. So we got to study more on data structures and algorithms which are the basic for any sustainable system. It was the most difficult at first but we pull through to understand that the codility and code-convention structure of a platform matters in system architecture and not just jumping into any codes/language for solutions.

Period of development

The period of completion of the BionicHealthERP would take about 67days to implement and test before launch.

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