Machine Learning to Self-Diagnose Diseases

What it does

Bion is a Telemedicine Systems-Operation Platform for world-class physicians, high quality care, and user-friendly experiences which makes an Ideal Place for patients to get their primary care online. Bion uses Machine Learning Algorithms to diagnose different types of Pulmonary diseases through chest X-Rays.

How we built it

We used Google's Inception v3, Azure's ML Platform, and Apple's CreateML.

Challenges we ran into

The device's incapability. Updated systems and applications. Non-compatability between different softwares versions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mobile Android App Development. TensorFlow Deployment using tfjs + tfLite

What we learned

Machine Learning's broad scope: applications of biomedical engineering with computer science and engineering. We learned Swift on the side.

What's next for Bion

We would love to add more complex classifications such as diabetic retinopathy, electro-cardiogram analysis, and cancer data analysis.

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