Our team wanted to empower anyone around the globe to learn about the Earth even when it may not be safe to travel. We believe that by placing people in the center of all the world's biomes, we can inspire them to make an impact. We took inspiration from sites such as geoguessr and focused on how the concept could be modified to teach anyone about ecosystems.

What it does

Biomial Expansion places you at the center of any biome on earth! The website drops the user on the street in a random biome and the user can explore and learn about the biome before making a guess about where they are.

How we built it

Our team built Biomial Expansion using HTML, Javascript, CSS, and bootstrap. We started with a template and edited it to fit our needs for each page of the website. Our location pages are powered by Google Maps Embed API for the interactive street view experience and Google Forms for the quiz portion.

Challenges we ran into

Before this competition, only one of us had experience with HTML and none of us had used javascript, so we enjoyed learning together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a website with multiple pages and successfully integrated the street view API into our website design.

What's next for Biomial Expansion

In the future, we hope to add more information and resources to teach people more about the wildlife in each biome and what they can do to protect our precious biomes.

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