Wanted to make something using Biometrics in a somewhat non-traditional way.

What it does

Takes textual input and user response to build profile with simple numeric values based off if the response was positive or negative, and the tags found in the text using Indicio.

How I built it

This is the very basic version of the Indicio part of a system we were calling Lapis. Lapis was intended to receive its positive and negative feedback values not from user input, but actually from the Microsoft Band device. While we got some work done with it, we didn't get it close enough to building it even though we started on it. The one full file submitted is separate code. We have an Azure server spun up, and and band we were working with but we couldn't get things to quite come together in the time limit.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the Indicio output, ended up using external calls to the service.

Getting the band to work easily and display data on it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mostly done web gui gives a decent idea of what we wanted it to be, and has enough hooks to be actually integrated into a product if we want to do it again.

What I learned

Bit about string control with simple JS, lot about Indicio and calling to the API, lot about the Microsoft Band

What's next for BiometricProfiling-Lapis

We might work on it again if we get the chance. The JS functionality can be linked to other service systems.

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