Who am I?: My name is Ciara Mitchell. I am 16 years old and I am from Snellville, GA. I have always loved technology and STEM activities. I am interested in pursuing a career path in biomedical engineering. Specifically, I would like to research nano-technology and its role in medical devices.

Inspiration: I went to a college tour at Georgia Southern and I was amazed when I saw students gaining access to the dining hall by putting their eyes up to a retina scanner. I became interested in bio metric data and how it could be implemented to solve modern day problems.

What it does: The purpose of my hardware and software devices is to decrease credit card fraud cases in the United States by using biometric data instead of traditional numerical data such as chips and card numbers to authenticate card payments. My software is an app called PalmPay. PalmPay allows card holders to scan their veins. Their vein patterns are then stored as data with their card issuers (Visa, Mastercard, etc). My hardware device PalmSecure, is a credit card processor add-on. Once cardholders have registered their vein scans with their issuers, they will now be able to pay with only the palm of their hands. Users will hover their hand over PalmSecure,and through a series of imaging processing procedures, the vein pattern is matched with one in the issuers database.

Accomplishments: that I was able to articulate my ideas clearly. I have never used mobile app creators before and I have little code experience. I am proud of my ability to learn at a fast rate.

What's next for Biometric Solutions: The Future in Your Hands:I would like to extend this company to governmental agencies. Vein scanners have the potential to be used in high security institutions to make the right individuals are gaining access to the correct rooms.

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