The Citation Maker helps create biomedical citations, with optional results and summaries, to use when writing on the Internet. The resulting citation is provided in various formats including Mediawiki and Vancouver. The Vancouver format is provided as rich text, plain text and HTML markup. If requested, the Citation Maker can extract and quote the conclusion of the article. For some article types, such as randomized controlled trials, clinical practice guidelines, and systematic reviews, the Citation Maker can add the study design to the conclusion. In some cases, such as systematic reviews by the Cochrane Collaboration, the Citation Maker can add the name of the authors to the conclusion If the article submitted by the user was covered by an evidence-based synoptic publication such as ACP Journal Club, the Citation Maker adds a link in the citation to the synopsis. If requested, the Citation Maker can help display numeric results from clinical studies that quantitatively report diagnosis and treatment. Future plans under consideration include providing CME credit for users who use the template to add numeric results to the summary of the article.

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