A teammate tore her ligament three times in the past few years. Through experiencing the Myo band's sensitivity, we decided to reorient the band onto each leg in order to rehabilitate the way one walks.

What it does

It rehabilitates your legs, ankles, and feet orientation to prevent future strains and weakenings. Using Twilio, a text message is sent to your phone with a summary of the analysis of your standing and walking positions.

How we built it

We used the Myo bands, Azure, Python, and C++. The Python script is where we implemented Twilio to be able to respond based on a classification scheme.

Challenges I ran into

We began with the Microsoft Band and spent a majority of the time troubleshoot and eventually ended up switching to a Myo Band. Then we ran into issues with the bluetooth bandwidth limit, and spent the rest of the project troubleshooting that. We had trouble getting multiple bands to output data into csv files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to switch over with just enough time to develop, compile and troubleshoot. We're proud of our teammate for learning how to implement Twilio. We're proud of each other for distributing the workload enough in the even further time crunch. We're proud of our teammate for getting a few csv files to output.

What we learned

We learned that we cannot depend on all hardware to be implemented equally across multiple operating systems. We learned it's important to distrubute the work equally, sharing is caring.

What's next for Biomechanics Rehab: Walking Posture Analysis

Expaning to different kinds of body gestures.

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