Project Summary

Our project combines heart rate data with anatomical modelling to create a real-time visualization of your electromagnetic field for education and exploration.

Explore in virtual reality or on your computer.

Because teaching how our biofield reacts and breathes, is the future of self and social awareness.

Hackathon Intention: New Team Members

We are looking for new team members! Please see team needs below.


Our purpose in this effort is to promote understanding of the anatomical dynamics of the human bio-field, in particular by using 3d modelling and interactivity techniques to demonstrate first-hand how these complex currents work, how they relate to breathing, conscious control, etc., and secondly to provide a framework for others to develop energetic visualizations, as may be useful to consciousness practitioners, educators, device developers, and those seeking deeper self awareness.

Aggregating HRV, EEG, thermal, and other biosensors

Multiple data sensor streams power the experience. Supports overlapping fields of thermal, photonic, heart-rate, EM frequencies, reported chi/colors, etc. (in progress). Combine & interpolate multiple single-point biosensors into spatial-fields (in progress).

Deep physical simulation model

Combine multiple fields using Biofield simulation model (in progress). Electromagnetic/skin-conductivity mapping, from EEG (in progress). Blood circulation model, from HRV (in progress). Spatial map of trained users reporting chi/energy flow anatomy (in progress).

Experience the biofield around you real-time in VR

Real-time sim / finite elements: realtime version of Biofield simulation using tetrahedral approximation (in progress). VR Interaction model: hand tracking with interacting fields between parts of hand and each other (in progress). Volume rendering of fields: fluid-sim friendly volume rendering for fields with subtle gradients (in progress).

Current team

Lewey Geselowitz Biofield Simulation and Rendering Spatial user interface and graphics systems on Xbox 360, Kinect and HoloLens. Current working at Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB.

Josh Stroud Research and Communications Engineer and designer from UC Berkeley.

hannes bend Application Development Consciousness developer, scholar, scientist, artist, and VR mindfulness innovator.

Team needs:

We are currently looking to grow in the following skills and/or information, please contact our team members as you see appropriate (training on detailed energy sensation provided).

core modelling/development:

  • 3d modelers able to create detailed flow models
  • developers/technical artists with fluid or electromagnetic simulation experience.
  • developers with real-time interaction and animation/rigging experience (Unity 3D)

bio-field reference team:

  • 2d illustrators able to communicate detailed flow models for expert review (training on detailed energetic sensation provided)
  • energy work experts able to sketch detailed energy anatomy and dynamics; or at least to review material.

sensor team:

  • bio-field sensor developers to help tune or integrate our simulation
  • bio-field imaging developers to assist in the 3d reconstruction effort.

Our team is based in the San Francisco Bay area, but work is largely done remotely.

Built With

  • biosensors
  • simulation
  • virtual-reality
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