Here at BioCoder Dojo, we're a bunch of enthusiastic people who are extremely passionate about continuously learning new things and paying it forward by sharing the knowledge we acquire with other curious minds. This is what inspired us, during these challenging times, to create an online learning environment that would allow us to stay in touch, despite the distancing.

What it does

The BioCoderLearn initiative provides non-formal, free-to-attend online learning pathways with focus on various fields in biology & genetics for audiences of all kinds. We use the LabXChange platform in order to have access to interactive resources such as quizzes and simulations.

How we developed it

We developed our courses by creating a base-curriculum and adapting the content to be suitable for people with no background knowledge of the topic. We attempted to keep things simple but, at the same time, we tried our best to fit as much information as possible in the pathways we created.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to differentiate misleading information from the one that was trustworthy and relevant. Hours of work & research were poured into each and every pathway we developed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud to offer an entirely free educational context based on volunteering and will to help. The people behind BioCoderLearn are high school students enthusiastically aiming to share the knowledge they possess with an interested and curious public.

What we learned

In order to deliver high-quality content to our followers, we have to check the data and facts beforehand. This is what prompts us to learn from every course that we write and deliver on the platform.

What's next for BioCoderLearn

We want to deliver the best experience possible to our users. Feel free to contact us via Facebook with any problem regarding our courses, give us your feedback. We encourage you, our user, to adapt our content to your needs - translate it, remix it or even develop pathways of your own for the people in your community. Share your stories with us and leave your mark on the BioCoderLearn adventure

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