BioAlarm is an application for the Microsoft's Wristband. We’ve designed it such that the user is slowly brought out of REM sleep (deep sleep) and then is slowly woken up in his/her light sleep. This ensures that users are fresh and revitalised when they wake up. The overall practice of waking up in Non-REM sleep is also very beneficial to ones health. With a function of time we can improve the software such that it tracks your sleep history and allows us to determine which are the times you either move out of deep sleep or are on the verge of moving into deep sleep. This allows us to find the most suitable time to start getting you out of REM or keeping in non-REM.

We utilise swift to build a simple alarm application which syncs with the Microsoft WristBand. The band starts a low frequency and low intensity vibrations minutes before the set alarm - pushing the user out of REM. When the Alarm, actually, goes off then the band has a high-frequency and high intensity vibrations coupled with the phone alarm going off at the same time.

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