My friend has a habit of never recycling because he can't find a recycling bin nearby.

What it does

Our app uses google maps and crowdsourcing to gather information of where public recycling bins are.

How I built it

We built it in Android Studios, half of our team working on the front-end and the other working on the back-end. We used the google maps api for the graphical components and used DynamoDB for the back end (current github only has a proof of concept, so we left the server stuff out).

Challenges I ran into

DynamoDB has some weird problems with authentication, not allowing users to send locations. Github was added to our project despite us not adding it, causing issues with saving progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website for the project actually looks good, and we learned a lot about material design and nosql servers.

What I learned

Servers are head to deal with, and security is paramount. There are a surprising amount of free services, but no good free web hosting services from non sketch companies.

What's next for Bintector

We will add trash functionality, allowing for users to mark the location of trash cans as well. We will also fix authentication issues with DynamoDB, allowing us to use an off device database.

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