Bring Security To DeFi and Revolutionize Crypto-Gambling: is an unruggable liquidity pool, running on Binance Smart Chain. Unruggable means that the system remains secure even if the core developers were corrupted. Therefore, BinomialPool is built for yield farmers who are sick of the frauds in the current DeFi-ecosystem.

What it does

BinomialPool provides the following services:

  • For gamblers: Place provably fair bets with a 0.8% house edge.
  • For yield farmers: Earn the house edge with a much lower risk than typical DeFi-investments.
  • Both yield farmers and gamblers participate in the BINGOV-airdrop.
  • Additionally, yield farmers earn a 0.5% withdrawal-fee if other yield farmers are withdrawing their deposits.

How we built it

Unlike many other dapps, you can use BinomialPool directly from your wallet without any website. This provides an enhanced security and wallet-compatibility.

What's next for BinomialPool

  • Expand to other chains
  • Launch a V2 that works with stablecoins
  • Launch an optional web-frontend
  • Conduct external security-audits
  • Expand the team

Built With

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