An average American throws away around 1,200 pounds of waste each year that could be composted and kept out of the landfill. 36% of what is thrown away in the US each year is paper or cardboard--much of which is recyclable The United States has over 3,000 active landfills and over 10,000 “old” landfills. All of these create hazardous gas and could be a danger to groundwater. Only around 1/10 of solid garbage in the United States is recycled each year. Each ton of paper recycled can save three cubic yards of landfill space Segregation at the source is the best way to deal with the problem.

What is it

An automated dustbin that puts the waste into the right compartment depending upon whether it is dry or wet waste the moment you drop the waste onto it.

High Accuracy - Humans often make errors whilst manually segregating the waste - often leading to bad quality waste that cannot be used for composting and has to end up in landfills and low recyclable material

Space saver - We would no longer require to have two bins at every location since Binny takes care of it for you.

Time and Energy saver - Saves time required to throw away garbage for the end user , as well as simplifies the task of the garbage collectors.

Cost effective - Built using a handful of sensors, the solution cost us $10 to make.

Carbon footprint tracking - Tracks the carbon footprint of every household and gives reporting and insights into waste generation patterns.

Insights and analysis - Provides aggregated statistics on type and quantity of waste generation based on geo-location.

How we built it

The rate of charge of a capacitor (dq/dt) depends on R*C, by varying the R we we change rate of charging of a capacitor. The wet (organic) waste has higher conductivity than dry (In-organic) waste. We exploit this property to segregate the waste at the source. The dustbin aka Binny also uploads usage statistics via Bluetooth low energy to the companion smartphone app to give carbon footprint tracking, insights and analytics. The app also has the option to upload these statistics online and share these statistics to provide aggregated social insights.

RC Circuit

Alt circuit diagram

Charging graph

Alt circuit diagram

Challenges we ran into

Finding a perfect dustbin which will suit out need. Making the flaps conductive by covering them with the aluminum foil.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually using the dustbin at home :-)

What we learned

How to debug electronic circuits

What's next for Binny - The Smart Dustbin

We get in touch will NGO's in India and will contact the municipality of out city to market this productr in apartments as part of "Swacch Bharat" (Clean India) campaign started by the Indian prime minister "Narendra Modi"

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