One of the key issues in a world where employment is purportedly a few clicks away is the "idle" applicant. The same tools have been made simple and painless for serious, active job searchers will inevitably attract users who are simply taking a flight of fancy through the job boards. And if those users are successful, more power to them. But as someone who is looking, with some urgency, for employment as a web developer, managing all of the job boards, resumé versions, and new contacts these relatively lightweight tools simply mean I have more accounts, and less confidence in the possibilities attached to each one. Enter Binnacle.

What it does

Binnacle is a single platform where active job seekers can manage all of this information. Leveraging user data, the application also offers advice and guidance based on actual evidence to speed up the search.

How we built it

Binnacle is currently a prototype - it's built with React, Node, and Express. The back-end will be powered by MongoDB, using JWTs for authentication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Binnacle is a tool everyone on our team would use. The central idea and its implications are what drove us to start on this road. Along the way, we have stumbled on a number of great ideas regarding features, monetization, and the interface. This is an application we're going to continue to work on, if for no other reason than we

What's next for Binnacle

Once we have the central functionality in place (including a secure back-end which can support authentication), it's time to prepare for all of the data the app will collect.

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