I had many smoke detectors laying around my house, and I couldn't stop thinking of all the times in the dorm rooms where microwaving popcorn would turn into an evacuation. Fire alarms saves lives, but it can also be frustrating.

What it does

Once a smoke detector goes off, you can yell commands to shut it down within a couple seconds.

How I built it

I Cracked open a smoke detector, and figured out how it works so I could intercept the signal. Connected a relay to the battery's positive wire, and the gPIo on a raspberry-pi. Coded the voice recognition program with the help of a Google API, and sent the signal to the relay. Duct Taped everything in cardboard to look like the smoke detector was attached to a ceiling.

Challenges I ran into

Running the voice recognition continuously. Trying to figure out where to intercept the signal in the smoke detector.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had an idea in mind and was able to not quit until I finished it. And I learned more about electrical, which is becoming a hobby of mine.

What I learned

How to use relays to intercept signals from a common IO board. Voice Recognition. And how smoke detectors work!

What's next for BINMS

Make it compact, and able to tell you to learn how to cook.

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