BinIT is Riverside County's premier interactive web resource for all things trash. By utilizing technology, BinIT helps to reduce the carbon footprint of Riverside County by empowering people to take responsibility for their waste.

Many people do not know how much of an impact the simple act of disposing of waste improperly can have on the environment. One dead battery is not going to destroy the ozone. One broken microwave is not going to kill a dolphin. this is what many people believe. But this logic is what is going to lead us to destroying our planet.

With BinIT, you can find all kinds of information to dispose of your waste properly. You can get information about specific types of waste and how to handle it. You can find clean up events in your neighborhood where you can take your unwanted appliances and other things you cannot simply throw in the trash. And you can even determine what day of the week your local garbage truck will come.

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