We love a good game of bingo, but it can quickly get stale and so we have tried to make it more interesting by creating a crossover with a retro favourite, Space Invaders. And so came the birth of Bingo Invaders!

What it does

Play space invaders but instead of trying to kill all the aliens, shoot the required numbers on your bingo card to complete a row and win!

How we built it

Built partially using an existing Java implementation of Space Invaders, changing the game logic almost completely and added our own sprites and game win conditions. We used Java for our back-end and Java Swing components for our GUI.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have the time to deploy the game to allow for online play.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After several botched ideas, we ended up with a shorter amount of time than we would have liked to make this.

What we learned

Discuss ideas until you find one that everyone agrees on being plausible.

What's next for Bingo Invaders

Manage to deploy using Heroku, so that everyone can experience the game on a demo site. Make a player versus player mode with both players competing to fill a row first. Add different difficulty settings. Add sound effects.

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