Well to put it plainly all of are other ideas have been implemented elsewhere so we decided this would be a challenging app, So challenging we did not really finish it. We loved the experience here at HackFSU though and most of the team had little to no knowledge about Redux, React and Firebase.

What it does

Keeps a list of shows you are currently watching and has ability to cross out but keep the ones you have watched in the list. It's record keeping for binge watchers

How we built it

React, Firebase and a lot of online documentation as well as Mentor aide here at FSU.

Challenges we ran into

Using Google Firebase for anything other than user authentication is troublesome.

What we learned

Firebase is a very useful tool, React is expansive!

What's next for BINGED

  1. Get it working.
  2. Images added.
  3. show suggestions to users based on others who watch a majority of the same shows. npm install!!!!!!
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