I love Bing.com !!
It has a cool different desktop image every day !

But as a Hacker I don't use Bing that much...
What do I use every day? Terminal !!!

So I wrote a simple command line hack
When you open up the terminal, the Bing desktop image will show up !!
But in ASC-II, Hacker Style !!

Need Python 2.7
Need PIL (You can install using "sudo pip install Pillow")

Add "python ~/bing.py" to file "~/.bash_profile"
And put bing.py file into "~/"

Then you are good to go!

You can also use "python ~/bing.py x" to get the desktop x days before
And also use "python ~/bing.py x 1" to get the desktop x days before in COLOR!

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