binformed is a clinically-driven comprehensive desktop + mobile infectious disease, epidemic + pandemic management tool targeting suppression and containment of diseases such as COVID-19, built on state-of-the-art technologies. covidata is a complementary technology for advanced comparative analytics. These solutions stem from our clinical, informatics, technical and analytic frustration that we did not have the tools to combat this pandemic from the start and that we must have the tools to control this pandemic now, and any pandemics in the future.

What it does

binformed is an infectious disease (COVID-19) managment tool, including symptom checking, health and exposure risk assessment, contact tracing, test + disease management and advanced analytics. The system is designed with three core goals: a) alleviating public anxiety through the provision of open access to risk assessemtn; b) triage, close follow-up and tracking of symptomatic patients to appropriate isolation, testing or admission, based on severity; and c) the critical tools neccessary open schools, protect the public + workforces + open the economy safely. The system is state-of-the-art, massively scalable, cloud-based and has a clean and easy to use desktop and mobile UI/UX. The system has security, confidentiality and privacy built in and is HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR compliant.

The focus of BInformed tool is the work we need to do to clinically assess, manage and contain COVID and protect health care providers, the public, students + workforces to the greatest extent possible: • Symptom, Exposure and Health Risk Assessment – who is at risk, has been exposed or has symptoms we and they should be concerned about and how are their symptoms progressing today, tomorrow, and for the next 72h to 14 days? Data entry can be by an individual, family, health provider or direct monitoring of SaO2, HR, BP, Temp, RR. Reminders are text with triggers and escalation + triage. • Triage Tool for testing, configurable for rapidly changing criteria - who should be tested, where should they go, when should they go? • Touchless Testing, with absolutely minimal to no contact with health workers, at all locations, powered by text messaging, links and voice call as required. This is for safety, preservation of PPE and speed. • Results Tracking of all tests, all results, all patients, integrated with symptom tracker – do negative cases become positive? Are positive cases symptomatic, and how are they progressing? • Contact Tracking – who? How to contact them? Collect and track their symptoms and manage isolation. • Symptom Triage, including to ED, with direct-admit to home (home isolation and telehealth homecare + monitoring), to a hospital bed (do not go to ED) or direct to the unit (or ED) if critical and requiring ventilation (BiPAP or intubation). Additional features: • Consent based isolation monitoring with geo-location tracking (with cell carriers). • Interface with EMRs and EHRs. • Support for additional testing, such as genetic testing. • Digital contact (Bump) tracing with Dosimeter. • Advanced analytics. BInformed is a pandemic tool for real-time management, triage, tracking, testing and providing the greatest achievable level of exposure minimization to health care providers + the highest level of disease suppression + containment.

How we built it

BInformed is built on a highly scalable and secure HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR compliant cloud-based architecture we have used to develop multiple health care and non-health care projects. It uses a NoSQL tagged JSON data architecture (MongoDB or DocumentDB), runs on Amazon AWS (can run on Google Cloud or Azure), and has a very clean Material UI/UX. All middleware is Java, desktop (browser) UI is Javascript and CSS, mobile is Swift (iOS) and Dart (Android).

Challenges we ran into

There is not enough time in the day or in our disparate schedules to do all we wish we could.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is a clinically focused tool targetting rapid workup, testing, and appropriate, safe triage of patients. It is designed with simple, easy to implement core health provider safety features and workflows.

What we learned

Everyone is chasing similar goals and coordination of goals is critical.

What's next for bInformed

We are working with potential partners on deployment. It is being offered as a public benefit (B-Corp),

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