We were inspired to build this product based on our personal experiences of attending online school at universities and working as a teacher's assistant for courses of various levels of undergraduate courses. We felt there was a severe lack of support for students studying across Canada. Previously on campus, students could seek help from various tutoring and studying groups across campuses, but with the current situation, everyone is isolated indoors and away from help. We believed that students across Canada needed the support academically, especially during these difficult times, to not only help them maintain their grades and graduate, but also to boost their confidence and help them improve their learning process.

What it does

Binder connects students across Canada with passionate, experienced, and accredited tutors. This done through an easy to learn UI interface, that allows students and tutors to setup their profile and provide information about their situation, such as graduation certificates for experienced tutors. Our software has a built in ranking and matching algorithm, which optimizes and personalizes the experience for students. Students have the option to provide feedback and a rating, which improves or reduces the ranking of tutors.

How we built it

We designed the entire UI ourselves with Figma and implemented it with React, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. The backend, including the ranking and matching algorithm were done with django and python.

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