Schools and Universities are closed but learning hasn't stopped. Every educational institute is trying to cope up with the lost time. Meanwhile, students are learning something or the other from various sources, be it articles or videos. But that is going unnoticed. It also doesn't add up to the curriculum. Hence, almost every educational institute is lacking behind keeping a track of student's progress

What it does

A platform where teachers can assign articles/videos followed by a series of random questions to the students. The students then read an article or watch a video related to the topic and share what they learned out of it. Based on the excerpt submitted by the student, their learning and knowledge on the subject will be evaluated and can be tracked by teachers as well as parents.

How I built it

This is at an Ideation Phase

Challenges I ran into

I am looking for developers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Binder

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