A week before one of MIT's largest hackathons, Emily visited the city of Calgary, which has taken the sustainable moves of introducing curbside composting, picking up curbside recycling and composting weekly, picking up curbside landfill only once every two weeks. A municipal app notifies households of different disposal schedules. Many Calgarians, though they support sustainable waste disposal, have complaints against the new system. Most rooms of households have only one waste disposal container ('the trash can'), so someone in the household has to sort through each room's trash can by hand. The household's children especially often make mistakes in sorting their waste into recycling, compost, and landfill. This has resulted in contamination of waste streams, frustration among users, and subversion of a well-meaning policy.

What it does

BinBot is the new smart sustainable waste system. One unit includes sections for compost, recycling, and landfill waste. BinBot uses machine learning and a webcam to learn what household items should go into each section as it is used normally. When a user is unsure about where their waste should go, it uses its trained model and an LED to indicate the correct section.

How we built it

Python, Azure cognitive services, open CV, Laser cutting using Inkscape, Jetson platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sandbox Summer 2018 cohort, featured in MIT's 2018 Innovation World's Fair

What we're learning

Business planning, image recognition in the real world

What's next for BinBot

We are proud to join the MIT Sandbox Summer 2018 cohort. Bookmark this page and check out our website to stay updated!

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posted an update

BinBot has been accepted to join the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund's Summer 2018 cohort! We are looking forward to working with a professional mentor and using our grant to continue developing our project. Here's to making things that make a difference.

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posted an update

We are excited to have been invited to join MIT's Innovation World Fair tomorrow 11-1:30 at Du Pont Gymnasium, 120 Mass. Ave. If you are in the area, come check out our booth for cool demos and conversation with the team!

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