Why did we develop BinBits?

We decided to develop “BinBits” because we are passionate about getting kids more interested in STEM. Once they start playing BinBits, they’ll learn how computers think and once they start getting questions correctly, it’ll boost confidence. They could now understand how computers think, and maybe become a future scientist or engineer.

What is the ultimate goal?

By simplifying and breaking down how a computer thinks, soon they will be able to develop their own app. The kids will be interested by using the application and will continue to use it. At the age of ten, kids usually don’t have a phone of their own, so they cannot download an application, but they can go online and learn

Whats next for BinBits?

If the app continues to be developed, the kids will be able to work on learning binary every day.

What makes our application different?

To promote diversity and inclusion, we offer the application in English and in Spanish.

Built With

  • dedication
  • python-3.6
  • teamwork
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