Inspiration : We wanted to make a game that also was able to be used by teachers for testing students.

What it does : It is a game that gives you a decimal number and you then have to change the switches in game to make it into a binary number. There are a total of 5 levels each with randomly generated numbers. Once the final level is beaten the win screen comes up.

How I built it : We built it using Unity & Visual Studio for the coding and logic. And for the trophy at the end and the room in the game we used Blender to create the objects.

Challenges I ran into : No one in our group had used Unity or Blender before and only one of us knew some C# which Unity uses as its coding language.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : Getting the game working in 24 hours after not knowing how to do anything in unity or blender before we started the project. Getting it working in VR in a very short time.

What I learned : We learned how to use Unity and how to write logic in Unity using C# in Visual Studio.

What's next for BinarySolVR : Give it to teachers so they can have their students work with it and possibly test them using the game.

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