I've always wanted to build a huge computer in Minecraft, but the game is terribly slow for handling very complex redstone circuits. I wanted to make an easy-to-use program to simulate a huge amount of logic gates efficiently.

What it does

This program allows you to combine logic gates to make complex behavior.

Left-click on one of many logic gate types to select that, then left-click on the board to place it.

Left-click on "Wire" to select wire mode, and left click and drag from one gate's output to another's input to connect them.

Left-click on "Delete" for delete mode. Left click on a gate to delete it or click on an input or output to unlink any connected wires.

Left-click on "Interact" to be able to activate toggle switch gates.

Right click and drag to pan the camera and use the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.

How I built it

We used java with libgdx for graphics and input

Challenges I ran into

It was challeging to design a system which would simulate logic gates efficiently. We also weren't familiar with libgdx and making graphics with java.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The algorithm for filling the grid is super efficient.

What I learned

Using GIT and libgdx

What's next for Binary Circuit Builder

We hope to add an ability to define a group of basic gates as one larger gate, and copy and paste this formation to make it easier to make huge creations. Also, saving and loading to files.

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