Connect creatives and coders.

How it works

Allow users to browse each other by skill type and then collaborate on projects.

Challenges I ran into

Node for collecting user info.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bouncing icons were particularly impressive to complete.

What's next for Binary Bounce

Add ways to integrate with social media and rate other users.


Via USB if the upload didn't work.

Creativity and Innovation The project should meet the challenge in a unique way and solve a problem that is not being addressed by currently available software products. It should offer a fresh perspective and utilize data, content, or technology in a new way. How is it unique? You can’t see your collaborator’s face—no unconscious bias.

Benefits and Impact The product should demonstrate the potential to improve the lives of its target market, as well as the ability measure these results. How do we increase diversity? Creative-types and coding-types often have a hard time finding each other so they can collaborate because they are often in different communities, different schools, and different backgrounds (ethnicity, geography, etc). We bring them together in an environment that reduces any bias as much as reasonably possible.

How do we measure results?

Count Clicks Tracking how people get to your site - knowing which interactions are bringing them from social media sites. Analytics will be able to help it along by using different shortened URLs for different tweets or shares, to better see which ones were effective with which audience, and how they spread. Size up the Numbers Number of matches. Number of completed projects that the site can promote through social media channels and our site. We can also have a page listing completed projects (with an up/down rating system maybe). Track Activity Calculate the number of members—and track them as they become more engaged or become repeat customers. Client activity versus attracting new members. Inter-user Interactions: User ratings system—the up/down vote function to rate users’ experience with each other.

Consumer Experience - (design, ui, ux) The content and features provided by the product should be presented to your target audience in a way that is easy to use, approachable, and aesthetically pleasing. jqFloat—bouncing icons, design: no white colors for harsh eyes Web-responsive bootstrap coding, allows for optimization based on device from desktop to tablet to mobile. Connect on the go! lots of artists use tablets to draw these days especially comic books.


Idea: a place where developers and designers can connect to work on projects Social media integration to show off the projects they’ve worked on in the past youtube/google+, github, instagram, deviantart, facebook, linkedin, codepen system that allow special to tag themselves with certain attributes specific, dedicated icons for each group. ex. developers = “ < />”, designers = a paintbrush, and someone who has both is a unicorn people’s profile icons (not their face, just a different color of the icon of your category), flip over when you hover to show more information about their skillset. Ex. programmers could list their languages, artists can list their mediums video vs. illustrator Upvote/Downvote system so people can see if the developer/designer is good or bad--just to zero though not negative numbers like reddit

Deliverables by end of competition time landing page page 2 with the bouncing icons if we can’t figure out how to make them bounce then just random create account/sign-up profile page

Landing Page tiles to filter designers vs. coders sign-in, sign up

Page 2 with the bouncing icons once you click one of the filters it brings you to a page where the icons for each user are bouncing around like balloons. Ex: if you clicked the tile for designers you’d see the icons of all the designers bouncing around and you try to click on as fast as you can (like bobbing for apples. codepen of divs moving around / freezing on hover: jqFloat!!!

Profile Page Artist: links to behance, youtube, deviantart, etc Developers: links to codepen, own website, github We won’t host their work ourselves, each person’s profile would just have Select their category: developer, designer, or both more advanced filters: description skill categories like web dev, mobile app, animation, graphic design

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