We were inspired to take previous projects such as the Bin Sentry further. Not only a device that tells you when your rubbish is collected, but a device that takes out the rubbish itself!

What it does

A motorised wheelie bin that is able to follow a line of tape on the floor when activated. Allowing automated waste disposal.

How we built it

We attached 12V motors to a decorated wheelie bin, with fuses, a motor controller and a 12V lead acid battery inside the wheelie bin. In addition, a raspberry PI controlling the motor controller via line sensors and ultrasonic distance sensors to guide it along the ductape. It also controls the decorative LED's.

Challenges we ran into

The motors we had acquired did not have a mount to attach wheels too, so we fashioned one out of wood. In addition, code was lost due to damaged raspberry PIs. Finally, a spare line sensor had to be used after current was run backwards through one and it produced magic smoke!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the insane drip of our wheelie bin, the go fast sharks greatly improve the speed. The wheel mounts and electronics worked well and we are proud of ourselves for taking so many safety measures. Finally, we are proud of the journey we have gone through to create this marketable project.

What we learned

We learned to use power tools never used before, some members used sensors and code never worked with before and finally we learned a lot about shark design. In addition, we learned the basics of marketing a product through researching and actuating this project.

What's next for Bin Bot

A fully automated system that self activates once a week, possibly even a weaponised variant to deter home intruders.

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