"There is a lot of clash in my life, I need more detection" - Greg Howes


Our team's inspiration is from time spent with Contractors, reviewing clash detections in BIM (Building Information Models).

"Clash detection arises out of the fact that, in BIM modeling, there is not just one model, but several, that are, in the end integrated into a composite master model" from many disciplines - associationofconstructionanddevelopment.org

Errors, omissions and defects do occur, even with current tools available for Clash detection. We believe the current 3D & 4D toolsets do not offer the level of immersion and context necessary to solve clash detection.

We believe by providing an immersive and collaborative space for Construction teams, we can reduce time in solving clash detection in BIM models.

With this solution, we estimate we can save anywhere from $1500 to $8000 per detected clash, as well as reduce time to complete the construction of a given project.

What it does

We built a collaborative system allowing many users to analyze, and mark clashes within a virtual space with head, hand tracking and voice support.

Selling Points

  • Reduce ambiguity in reviewing clash detections amongst Owners, Architects, Contractors & Civil Engineers
  • Simplify 3D space navigation, using head and hand movement in a Virtual & Augmented space
  • Supports multiple platforms, including HTC Vive, Hololens and integration with Amazon Alexa

How we built it

We used Unity, and 3D models to allow a user wearing a Hololens and an HTC Vive to review and discuss the resolution of a clash detection.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges importing the BIM clashes and have the clashes display the area of interest within Unity. We also ran into issues developing for the Hololens on a Mac book.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Pushing the boundaries in the future of construction with new tools such as VR, AR and Voice detection
  • We tested early and often to ensure a smooth experience for the users
  • Group of strangers pulled together and accomplished an minimum viable product

Interest from external parties

  • "I would really like to know the outcome of this one, can you let me know (would of loved to of been there)" - C J Biggs of http://www.cundall.com/
  • "There is a lot of clash in my life, I need more detection" - Greg Howes

What we learned

  • Keep scope small, iterate
  • Integrate and test as fast and often as possible

What's next for BIMVAR

  • drag and drop import of models directly into virtual & augmented space
  • Provide users a Machine learning based suggested "fix" that can be approved
  • Adapt as a training tool. e.g. Providing an 'in the field' experience for Architects

Miscellaneous Links & Credits

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