With the rise of new technologies like BIM, Analytics, IoT, and Artificial intelligence, the complexity of systems and the pace of learning has been rapidly increasing. Experienced AEC professionals have been facing the challenge to cope up with the change in technology with their busy schedules and work load.

This has inspired us to work on demystifying the complexity of these technologies and make them available to professionals whilst keeping the complexity under the hood.

What it does

The solution we have developed integrates BIM models in form of IFC with project schedules and pricing into an ecosystem that provides construction project managers a holistic view on project performance without having to worry about the hassles of integration and technicalities.

How I built itl

We have worked on producing a backend using Python and Flask framework that provide a RESTFul API. IfcOpenshell was used to handle IFC files and parse them into a MySQL database. The frontend used libraries like three.js for reading converted IFC files and displaying these on screen and D3.js library was utilised to integrate with crossfiltering functions of the PowerBI application. We have also used Microsoft Power BI framework PBIVIZ which uses Typescript.

Challenges I ran into

Handling the large amount of data in big models and parsing IFC files to the database was a big challenge. The conversion of geometry into a readable format by WebGL libraries whilst maintain reference to IFC GUID objects

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The overall integration worked and it is smooth in the ways models are handled

What I learned

What's next for BIM Enabled BI Tool

  • Performance improvements to enhance response times on large models processing
  • Potential opportunity to investigate integration of VR/AR with BI and BIM for future improvements.

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